YWAM Mazatlan Worshiping at the Shipyard

Worshiping at the shipyard and praying for provision and progress to complete the refit of 30 beds, a medical treatment room, new galley, appliances, engines, generators and a tender.

Our time of worship at the shipyard was a prophetic act. It was an expression of thankfulness for what God has done and how he will bring it to completion. Shipyard workers got a glimpse of people from different nations coming together to worship the one true King. Some thought we were crazy. Some were intrigued and others were encouraged. Our prayer is that through this video, you will be drawn to the one we worship, not a ship, a song, a person or place, simply and miraculously the God of the universe. May you enter into His presence through this video. You’ll see the progress made on m/v Amazing Grace and an artist rendition of the design of the ship’s interior by our daughter Chatelier.