Getting Ready to Sail

We installed and checked many systems this weekend. Bilge pump, generator, both main engines, anchors, hydraulic rudder systems and the autopilot.

Here is the Full Report: Ran plumbing to the main bilge pump & ran the generator which ran smoothly and the new sea water pump cooled the system as designed. We tested the hydraulic steering system, also. We moved the rudder port to starboard and back to port over 25 times. We also made sure that the steering unit operated correctly with the right pressure and 3 phase motor running smoothly. Turned on the autopilot to verify that the rudder indicator was aligning properly. Charlotte at the helm, Noah positioned at the stern looking over to see the rudder angle and I watched the gauges and listened to the motor and generator as Charlotte tested the steering. After verifying that the system was operating correctly, no loss in pressure, no leaks, no overheating, etc… Noah had the chance to test the steering. He counted about 21 revolutions hard over to hard over. Using the joystick, he tested it with both low and high speed settings. He enjoyed that!

Today we tested the anchors & all is well.