Amazing Grace Officially Dry Docked

After a final fail at the Sausalito shipyard, several miracles happened allowing Amazing Grace to dry dock at Bay Ship & Yacht in Alameda. Alameda was our first choice but insurance requirements stood in the way. The insurance company required a haul out to give us coverage and the shipyard required insurance to haul us out. Miraculously the insurance came through and our desired shipyard became available within three days. Thanks so much for your prayers and support! On Friday, July 8th, Amazing Grace officially dry docked.

In addition to planned maintenance, we noticed during the shakedown cruise that the 3 x 1000 gallon fuel tanks needed to be cleaned and serviced to ensure that in rough seas no contaminates will plug up the fuel filters and shutdown the engines. After meeting with the shipyard about this, the quote for this service is an additional $24,000 due to California state and federal requirements to properly enter the fuel tanks and dispose of contaminants. Installing reinforced steel plates based on ultrasonic report is an increase of approximately $6,000.

We ask that 75 people partner with us to contribute $400 each for a total of $30,000 to ensure that Amazing Grace is ready to serve in Mexico. Please join us in making a difference. Click here to give.